SV185 – Case Construction™

The CASE SV185 skid steer loader is built with the hydraulics and lift to tackle the toughest jobs. The new heating and air conditioning systems create a comfortable environment year-round, helping you become more productive and ultimately improving your bottom line. The SV185 offers a DOC-Only solution to meet Tier 4 emissions regulations while delivering more power and capability within the same compact skid steer dimensions.


With industry-leading breakout force, this powerful machine with vertical-lift path is a great choice for a wide range of applications, including lifting, carrying and truck loading. The Power Stance wheelbase and 30/70 weight balance gives the SR185 the dynamic stability to dig, lift, travel and maneuver with more material to maximize productivity. Enjoy the flexibility to increase the machines’ rated operating capacities by a hundred pounds — to 1,950 lbs (885 kg) with add-on counterweights.

Fuel Efficiency

The SV185 for Tier 4 Final delivers a 7% boost in engine torque to 135 lb-ft (183 N-m) and 60 hp (44.7 kW) gross for the performance and productivity that you depend on for your toughest applications. Built with you in mind, the SV185 has an engine that is tuned for power and performance, equipped with a unique DOC-only solution that eliminates DPF ash.

Comfort and Visibility

With the widest skid steer cab in the industry, you are sure to stay comfortable from dusk to dawn. This large, luxurious cab is sealed and pressured to keep water and dust out, even in your dirtiest jobs. New features maximize visibility such as the cab forward design, ultra-thin wire side screens, and updated cab door.


The use of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC-Only) solution offers a simple, maintenance-free solution to meet the new Tier 4 Final emissions standards. Without a DPF filter, you will never have to worry about regular maintenance intervals, ultimately increasing your uptime.


case construction

More Information

Case Construction SV185 Skidsteer Track Loader


Performance Specs
Rated operating capacity 50% 840 kg
Tipping load 1678 kg
Lift Cylinder Breakout Force 15.3 kN
Bucket Cylinder Breakout Force 24.7 kN


Engine Model ISM N844LTA-DI-F-45
Displacement 2.2 L
Horsepower (Gross) 60 hp @ 2800 rpm
Peak torque 183 Nm @ 1800 rpm


Service Capacity
Fuel Tank 73.8 L


Hydraulic System
Standard flow 20.6 GPM
Optional high flow 30.7 GPM


Travel Speed
Low Range 11.9 kph
High Range (Optional) 17.4 kph


Operating Weight 2980 kg
Shipping Weight 2840 kg


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