K008-3 Compact Excavator – Kubota™

The Kubota Ultra-Compact Excavator K008-3 weighs 2,200 pounds and is only 9 feet long, lightweight, nimble and powerful enough for small construction sites.

With a height of 7 feet 4 inches and a width of 2 feet 10 inches, the Kubota K008-3 has a small footprint. You can also adjust its track width from 2 feet 10 inches to 2 feet 4 inches. This adjustment allows the mini excavator to pass through doorways, gates and narrow corridors at construction sites.

Clean-running Kubota Engine: Powerful and dependable, the K008-3’s diesel engine delivers superior horsepower and performance. It offers low noise and vibration levels, exceptional fuel efficiency, and complies with the EPA’s 2013 Tier IV emissions regulations.

TPSS: TPSS is standard equipment, allowing the operator to select the most familiar operating control pattern, either ISO or SAE.

Two-speed Travel: Need to make up time? Step on the K008-3’s hi-speed pedal, and you’ll maneuver around job sites faster than any other compact excavator in its class.

Two-way Lever: Located within easy reach, it lets you switch between control of the blade or the adjustable track width.

Spacious Operator’s Area: You’ll find it more comfortable behind the operating levers of the K008-3. That’s because we’ve generously increased the space between the operating levers and the operator’s seat, and lengthened the floorboards.


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Kubota K008-3 FeaturesKubota K008-3 Specs


Engine ModelKubota D722-E4
Displacement44 (719)
HorsepowerEngine gross (kW)/rpm: 10.3 (7.7) / 2050
Engine net (kW)/rpm: 10.1 (7.5) / 2050


Overall length – ft. in. (mm)9’0″ (2750)
Overall height – ft. in. (mm)7’4″ (2230)
Overall width – ft. in. (mm)2’10” (860) / 2’4″ (700)
Min. ground clearance – in. (mm)5.9″ (150)


Hydraulic System
Pump capacity – GPM (l/min)5.55 (21.0)
Auxiliary hydraulic flow – GPM (l/min)5.55 (21.0)
Max. breakout force – lbs. (kgf)Bucket: 2200 (1000)
Arm: 1010 (460)


Hydraulic System
Travel speed – mph (km/h)1.2 / 2.5 (2.0 / 4.0)
Max. traction force – lbs. (kgf)1695 (770)
Tumbler distance – ft. in. (mm)2’11” (900)
Crawler length – ft. in. (mm)4’0″ (1230)
Shoe width – in. (mm)7.1″ (180)
Ground contact pressure – psi (kgf/cm2)3.55 (0.25)


Service Capacities
Hydraulic oil (reservoir / system)- GPM (l/min)3.30 / 4.49 (12.5 / 17.0)
Fuel reservoir – GPM (l/min)3.17 (12.0)
Operating weight (Including operator’s weight 175 lbs.) – lbs. (kgf)2200 (1000)

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