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The E50 makes lifting heavier loads simpler with its minimal tail swing action with less than an inch of tail overhang. It provides compromise to offer tight tail swing with impressive lifting capacities. The remodeled work group provides longer structural life and improved lifting performance. The E50 has a very unique work group, optimized for the heavier jobs. Operator comfort is enhanced with a spacious cab, allowing for easy entry and exit, and easy access to the engine for faster maintenance.


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Auto Idle: Idles the engine when machine functions are not used for four seconds or more; throttle returns to previous position when joystick is moved or travel function is engaged.

Auto Shift Travel: Transitions the drive motors to and from high range during travel; provides on-demand travel performance with no manual shifting. Bobcat excavators travel faster than other brands. See for yourself in the Bobcat Advantage Travel Challenge video.

Selectable Control Pattern: Easily change between “excavator” and “backhoe” control pattern.

Angle Blade (optional): Places spoil accurately with simultaneous up/down and angle adjustments, up to 25 degrees left or right; bolt-on, reversible cutting edge provides long life and easy replacement.

Minimal Tail Swing: Provides compromise to offer tight tail swing machine with impressive lifting capacities.

Piston Pump and Closed Center Valve System: Senses loads, delivers smooth control and provides exceptional metering.

Selectable Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow: Operator can elect one of three flow rates to optimize the response of particular hydraulic attachments such as maximum flow for attachments like the auger, medium flow for slower clamp movements and lowest flow for precise movements of a Power Tilt accessory.

Hydraulic System: Provides smooth, refined operation for tough jobs.

Fingertip Swing Control: Rocker-style thumb switch improves metering of the swing function and provides more floor space. Bobcat offers the best multifunctioning capabilities. Compare other brands in the Multifunctioning Advantages video.

Quick Couplers: Keeps auxiliary quick couplers in convenient location on the boom, but out of the trench and out of harm’s way. On some brands, quick couplers aren’t even standard equipment. Learn more in the Bobcat Advantage Attachment Readiness video.

Easy Hydraulic Clamp Installation: Simplify installation of a hydraulic clamp through an auxiliary port relief on the closed center valve. Clamp mounts integrated into the dipper arm. Some brands don’t even feature a standard clamp mount. Compare them in the Bobcat Advantage Attachment Readiness video.

X-Change System (standard): Allows you to change attachments quickly with Bobcat’s exclusive system. Attachment changes should be easy. Watch the Bobcat X-Change™ Advantages video to see the industry’s fastest, most efficient attachment X-Change system in action.

Hydraulic X-Change (optional): The most convenient attachment changes in the industry. Enables fast attachment changes through a switch that activates hydraulic pins for attachment removal or hook-up. See the system in action by watching the Bobcat Hydraulic X-Change™ Advantages video.

Dual Direction Detent: Standard feature that provides continuous flow for attachments.

Blade Float: Simplify grading, leveling and backfilling. Smoothly finish your work with minimal operator input using the blade float.


EngineE50 T4E50 (Long Arm Option)
Emissions Tier (EPA)Tier 4Tier 4
Engine FuelDieselDiesel
Maximum Governed RPM2200 RPM2200 RPM
Horsepower49.8 HP49.8 HP
Turbocharged EngineYesYes


PerformanceE50 T4E50 (Long Arm Option)
Operating Weight10677 lbs11195 lbs
Weight Class4.8 t5 t
Travel Speed – High3.1 mph3.1 mph
Travel Speed – Low1.9 mph1.9 mph
Arm Digging Force6452 lbf5868 lbf
Bucket Digging Force8977 lbf8977 lbf
Rated Lift Capacity6034 lbs5926 lbs
Lift Radius118 in118.1 in
Boom Swing – Left75 deg75 deg
Boom Swing – Right50 deg50 deg
Maximum Dig Depth11.6 ft12.9 ft
Max Dump Height12.7 ft13.6 ft
Maximum Reach at Ground Level19.5 ft20.8 ft


CapacitiesE50 T4E50 (Long Arm Option)
Fuel Tank21.1 gal21.1 gal


Hydraulic SystemE50 T4E50 (Long Arm Option)
Auxiliary Std Flow20 GPM20 GPM
Auxiliary Pressure3045 psi3045 psi


DimensionE50 T4E50 (Long Arm Option)
Length218.7 in219 in
Overall Length in Travel Position218.7 in219 in
Width77.2 in77.2 in
Height99.7 in99.7 in
Height with Operator Cab99.7 in99.7 in

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